Control you lights

With the innovative APP you can control all the lights in the Domus Line range. You will be able to coordinate the lights in your home quickly and easily, with the flexibility that only Wi-Fi can guarantee.


DOMUS4U is a tool that allows you to control your lights with a simple touch, wherever you are

The DOMUS4U WIFI application enables the X-DRIVER, X-DRIVER TW (Tunable White) and X-DRIVER D-MOTION devices by Domus Line to be monitored using internet.

Wherever you may be, with DOMUS4U WIFI and a simple touch you can switch on and off and control the brightness of all lighting connected to X-DRIVER devices and also adjust the colour temperature of Tunable White or D-MOTION lighting connected to X-DRIVER TW or X-DRIVER D-MOTION devices.

DOMUS4U WIFI also allows you to group individual devices based on the room in which they are installed and, with a simple touch, switch them on and adjust them simultaneously..
Additionally, some devices of the X-DRIVER, X-DRIVER TW and X-DRIVER D-MOTION collection, equipped with the WI-FI control module (CM4-XD, CM4-XD TW or CM4-XDW), Can be paired to the voice-controlled devices Amazon Echo and Google Home.


Check that you have Wi-Fi enabled on your mobile device and that you have connected to the network.

This App is optimised for use with private networks and therefore its use with public networks could be limited due to protective firewalls or other security settings.

Remember that the stability of your network and the performances of the signal transmission system can affect the devices' functionality.

If your WiFi network is dual band, select the 2.4GHz signal because the X-DRIVER, X-DRIVER TW and X-DRIVER D-MOTION devices only connect to this network.


DOMUS4U WIFI is an application available on the Apple store (App Store) for mobile devices with iOS operating system and Google store (Google Play) for mobile devices with Android operating system.

Before installation, check the required minimum compatibility. Domus Line does not guarantee that all mobile devices with Android and iOS operating systems currently on the market are compatible with the minimum requisites requested to guarantee the full functionality of the DOMUS4U WIFI application


Follow the procedure by selecting your country  and then entering an email address.

After having selected "GET YOUR CODE" you will receive an email containing a verification code, which will allow you to complete the registration by entering a password of your choice.

Keep your Login registration credentials safe; remember that they will be required by other users who may want to connect to these devices at a later stage.


Now you can LOGIN using the credentials you used to register with.


If you’ve forgotten the password tap on “Forgotten password?” and follow the procedure for registering a new one.


For the application to work properly you must allow DOMUS4U WIFI to access your location.


Now DOMUS4U WIFI is ready to be configured. To access the procedure, tap on "CONFIGURATION"

The procedure will enable you to associate the X-DRIVER, X-DRIVER TW and X-DRIVER D-MOTION devices (Find Lights), to rename and/or cancel them (Manage Lights), and also to associate them with specific areas of your home (Manage Rooms)..

Tap on “Find Lights” and ensure that the device is connected to a mains socket. It is advisable to add one device (X-DRIVER) at a time.


Caution: if the application again prompts the configuration of the WI-FI network, this means that you have not connected your mobile device to the network.

Therefore, go to your device's settings and select a 2.4GHz network, or follow the guided procedure on “Change Wi-Fi Network”.


The search for the X-DRIVER devices is automatically activated when your mobile device connects to the same WI-FI network.
The “factory” name that will appear on the “Light Name” screen is the same for all the devices, that is:
  • MultiReceiver

    for X-DRIVER devices

  • MultiReceiver-CCT

    for X-DRIVER WT and X-DRIVER D-MOTION devices

Searching for “brand new” devices may take longer than searching for those that have already been renamed and/or added to your mobile device.

Therefore, when searching for these, we suggest that you wait for a few seconds and, if necessary, disconnect and reconnect the devices you are searching for to the electricity network.

To add the X-DRIVER device to your mobile device tap on OK. You can rename and/or cancel it at any time.

All X-DRIVER devices have a set-up indicator light which, among other things, indicates the status of connection to the Wi-Fi network.

When searching for the network the indicator light flashes..
When the indicator light stops flashing, this means that the device has connected to the Wi-Fi network and can therefore be linked to the mobile device.


If you are registering with devices that are not “brand new”, and which have previously been associated with a mobile device and another Wi-Fi network, remember that these must be associated again.

In this case, you must cancel the previous association by accessing the “Configuration” session, then “Manage Lights“ and finally, selecting each device (swipe left), and cancelling all the registered devices by tapping "Remove".

The names assigned to each individual device will remain saved and they can in any case be renamed once you’ve completed the new association procedure.



You can rename each device by selecting "MANAGE LIGHTS" in the CONFIGURATION tab and overwriting your preferred name; then add it to your mobile device by clicking "OK".


You can distinguish the standard devices (X-DRIVER) from the Tunable White ones (X-DRIVER TW e X-DRIVER D-MOTION) thanks to the icons.


Tunable White


In MANAGE ROOMS you can group individual devices based on the room in which they are installed and, with a simple touch, switch them on and adjust them simultaneously.

To register a new room, enter “Manage rooms”, tap on “+”, write the name you have chosen and finally, with a tap, select the devices you wish to associate.

Remember that each X-DRIVER device can only be associated with one room.

In MANAGE ROOMS you can change the name and add or remove the devices at any time.

If you want to remove a room, swipe left on the title and then tap on Remove.


Once the configuration has been completed you will be able to use the DOMUS4U WIFI App. To do so tap on USE and choose whether to access and adjust the individual devices ( Lights ) or those associated with the rooms ( Rooms ) that you have registered.

In USE you also have access to the application Settings, a brief guide on how to configure the devices with the AMAZON ECHO voice assistants ( Alexa ) and a link ( Info ) to this website (


Tap on Lights and access the LIST OF LIGHTS.
The devices are turned on and off by tapping on the ON-OFF option in LIST OF LIGHTS.
To access the possibility of adjusting the brightness and colour temperature (only for X-DRIVER TW and X-DRIVER D-MOTION devices) tap on the name of the light.

The DOMUS4U WIFI application recognises three types of devices:

with which you can turn on, turn off and adjust the intensity of the lights from 10 (10%) to 100 (maximum brightness);
with which you can turn on, turn off and adjust the intensity from 10 (10%) to 100 (maximum brightness) and adjust the colour temperature of the devices in dynamic mode, from cool and natural shades to warm shades and vice versa.

Adjustments made to the brightness and colour temperature settings (only for X-DRIVER TW and X-DRIVER D-MOTION devices) may not appear immediately, in particular when the DOMUS4U WIFI application is used for the first time. This effect is in any case temporary and can also depend on the quality of the Wi-Fi signal used by the devices to communicate with your mobile device.


The DOMUS4U WIFI app saves the last brightness and colour temperature settings (only for X-DRIVER TW and X-DRIVER D-MOTION devices) of the lighting devices connected to the mobile devices.

In case of blackout, or disconnection from the electricity supply, the devices retain the last settings in their memory and when the power returns, the previous settings are automatically restored.

However, the commands may not always be perfectly aligned; for example, the on-off cursor could be in a position that does not correspond to the real status of the devices.
In this case, these can be realigned simply by double tapping the cursor.