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Versione 1.0.0   |   16.09.2019


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Versione 1.0.0   |   16.09.2017



The DOMUS4UWIFI application allows you to control all Domus Line X-DRIVER devices through the internet from wherever you are.

To do so, however, you must have an account and all your devices must be linked to it.

When you access the application for the first time, if you have already registered with another smartphone, you will be asked for your login details, or to open a new account.
You will also have to enter an email address or a mobile number to receive your activation code.



With the DOMUS4UWIFI application, which uses the Wi-Fi of your device to find all Domus Line X-DRIVER devices in your home, you can switch on and off all connected lights and adjust their intensity and colour with a simple touch.

To start, your smartphone must be connected to your home’s Wi-Fi network, then the application will ask you to enter your Wi-Fi network password and will search for the devices.

Once you have selected the devices, you will be able to save them and rename them (for example, Kitchen Lights, Bathroom Lights, etc.).


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DOMUS4UWIFI recognises two types of Domus Line devices:

- X-DRIVER (standard), with which you can adjust the intensity of the light from 0 (off) to 100 (maximum intensity);

- X-DRIVER TW (Tunable White), with which you can adjust the intensity as well as the colour of the light – warm, cold, natural colours.

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DOMUS4UWIFI also allows you to group individual devices associating them to the room in which they are installed and, with a simple touch, switch them on and adjust them simultaneously.

For example: when you get back home in the evening using your smartphone you may switch on the light at the entrance, in the corridor, the lamp next to the sofa and the one in the study area or even in the bathroom. You may also adjust their intensity.

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The main new feature of DOMUS4UWIFI is the ability to control devices with your voice, through Amazon Alexa.

DOMUS4UWIFI allows you to use voice commands to switch on and off the lights in your home while sitting comfortably on the sofa, without using your smartphone.

With the SMART LIVE skill installable with Alexa's app, you can configure your devices and control them calling them by name and asking them to adjust the brightness or even the tone of the light, if they are X-DRIVER TW devices.

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