With the DOMUS4U application that uses the LE Bluetooth technology of your device to search for all the Domus Line X-DRIVER devices in your home, you can switch on, switch off or adjust the brightness or light colour of the devices connected to it with just a simple touch.

After selecting the devices, you will be able to store them and rename them however you like (for example, Kitchen lights, Bathroom lights, and so forth).


Bluetooth Low Energy

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DOMUS4UDOMUS4U recognises two types of Domus Line devices:

- X-DRIVER (standard), which you can use to adjust the brightness level of the devices from 0 (off) to 100 (maximum brightness);

- X-DRIVER TW (Tunable White), which, in addition to being able to use it to adjust the brightness, you can also use to adjust the device light colour from warm to cold shades, going through natural light shades.

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"With DOMUS4U, you can also group the individual devices, associating them with the area of the house where they have been installed and, with a simple touch, switch them on and adjust them simultaneously."

An example: when you return home in the evening and you would like to use your smartphone to illuminate the entry, but also the hallway, the lamp on the end table by the couch, the one in the studio area and perhaps the light in the bathroom too. And not only that, but for each one of these devices, you will also be able to set the brightness.

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"One of the many uses of DOMUS4U is that you can select and edit the ‘lighting scenarios’ in the individual rooms. Using DOMUS4U, with a single gesture you can switch a group of lamps on and off that we think are the most appropriate at a particular time of the day."

domus4u lets you set and store all of your preferences - which devices to switch on, which to keep off and the brightness adjustment. And you can also associate whatever name you like (for example “comfort living room scenario”). But that's not all. If you have installed Tunable White devices, you will also be able to add a new comfort experience to the scenario: in fact, besides the number of lamps and the brightness, you will also be able to select the most suitable light colour (for example, the coldest shade during breakfast or the warmest shade in the evening hours for those moments of relaxation).

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